Why It Is Terrible To Be Born Bengali (Or Maybe Not)

#1 Bangalis live in their own universe, rest of India does not understand us

We exist in our own not so little world with our hath pakhas and our ombols and ga myaj myaj. It is incredible je our culture does not get diluted into the north indian or the south indian culture. We exist on our own and kinda own it.


#2 Bangalis are over obsessed with Durga Pujo, even 6 months ahead

Honestly, we are obsessed with Durga Pujo. First thing we do when we get a new Bangla calendar is try to find when is pujo that year. But would you blame us, its 6 days almost of happiness and glitz and food where our cities become alive.


#3 The Religion of Bengal is Food, all we do is talk about food.

Food is all we talk about. Then you have our chingri mach and illish nad our bhajas and our khichuri and our mistis and you will realise it is completely natural je we talk about “khabar” all the time.


#4 Our Bangali Meyes are so incredible, guys are afraid to approach them

Bengali girls are well read, they compose poetry, paint pictures and are amazingly to look at. Unless you have the looks of Brad Pitt with the intellect of Noam Chomsky, it is “bhoe bhoe” to approach them.


#5 Our Bangali Cheles may not be so strong physically, but they do make it up in other things

We come from the alluvial planes of the Ganga where fish jumps out of the water into our plates and “bhaat” grows everywhere. Hence, amader chelera are moderately built, but they had taken this time to hone their guitar and singing skills.


#6 Entire Bangali culture is non blingy and is not dedicated to the pursuit of “poisha”

“Poishar pechone chota” is not in our culture. Life is more than a big house or flashy car which intellectually defunct people show off when they lack in other things. We take life slow and easy, read stuff, drink cha slowly and savour the whole experience that is life itself.


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