India Last Week-July 25

A new series, this looks at quirky and weird things that happened in India last week. Yes we know about the nepotism debate, India China issues and then corona, but this is about the news items which will produce mild laughter and a bit of dopamine in these dark times.

Biryani was the most ordered food during Covid lockdown

Biryani was the most ordered food during lockdown according to Swiggy followed by Butter Naan and Masala Dosa. If Covid doesn’t kill you, the sitting at home and eating biryani and butter naan certainly will. Biryani was ordered 5.5 lakh times, in case you are a person who has an unhealthy love for numbers.

Two girls were trapped in a river while taking selfies

Two girls who had ventured into the middle of the Pench river near Bhopal to take selfies were trapped in the river. 12 policemen eventually went to rescue these girls. If you ask me, if you are stupid enough to step into middle of a river to take a selfie, you should let nature and Darwin win.

Rajasthan Minister promotes Papad as Corona cure

A Rajasthan minister from Bikaner was promoting some “Bhabhiji” papad as the cure for corona. Apart from the fact that science has taken a backseat in the world, you would think that someone from Bikaner would promote Bikanerbhujiawala.

Virat Kohli’s mother wanted him to be chubby

A side effect of being Punjabi is that being chubby (with probably childhood diabetes) is considered chubby. Virat struggled against the food his mother was cooking. I guess after modern marriage and eating Subways for life, you would eventually lose weight.

Umpires apply disinfectant on cricket ball

In a match between England and West Indies, umpires applied disinfectant on the ball after England player, Dominic Sibley licked the ball. While pace bowlers always have a habit of inappropriately licking things, they should keep their tongues under control during the corona times.

All of these news are not made up by me. I only curate them. Please do not get offended and take things seriously, this is just for a little bit of fun during these dark times.